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Four Components of Texas Home Insurance

Texas home insurance plans are packaged policies. In general, these policies are meant to cover both legal responsibilities (caused due to personal injuries) and damages to the property. Property damage involves problems caused by pets too! Damages caused by natural disasters are taken care of by your home insurance plan. However, there are few exceptions. Standard home insurance doesn’t cover earthquakes, poor maintenance or flooding. If you want your home to be covered during floods, you must opt for the Federal Government’s National Flood Insurance Program. There are separate policies for earthquake coverage too. Meanwhile, there are no Texas home insurance options for homeowners who suffer the consequences of poor maintenance.

#1 Structure Coverage

All standard Texas home insurance policies at texasinsurancequotes.net offer 4 important types of coverage. Firstly, the structure of your property will be covered. This part of the insurance can be used to rebuild or repair your home if it is destroyed/damaged by lightning, fire, hail, hurricane or any other disaster included in your policy document. As mentioned previously, the policy will not take care of earthquakes, floods or routine wear & tear issues. Standard Texas home insurance schemes take care of structures that are not connected to the home too. This includes the gazebo, garage and tool shed.

#2 Personal Coverage

Secondly, the home insurance policy will cover your personal belongings. All personal items, clothes, furniture and sports gears that are stolen or damaged by hurricane, fire and other insured disasters can be reimbursed. Most insurance service providers cover 60% to 75% of the home’s insurance on the structure. Expensive belongings like silverware, furs and jewelry are covered, but insurance companies have the freedom to set dollar limits. These “limits” differ from one company to another.

#3 Liability Coverage

A very important component in Texas home insurance policies from texasinsurancequotes.net would be “Liability Protection”. Liability takes care of lawsuits against property damage or bodily injuries that the policy holder causes to others. A portion of the liability amount can be used to pay off court charges. Generally, the liability limit begins at 100,000 USD. And, buyers are allowed to include additional components or higher their liability limits.

#4 Living Charges

Finally, you can take care of additional living charges through Texas home insurance policies. This portion of the insurance pays the cost of living away from your home. It is very useful when you have to shift due to storm, fire or any other insured disaster.